Jadeite jade & Nephrite jade - Miscellaneous

Did you know that it is illegal to use articles, photos or other works from a third party without authorization? And of course, you cannot hijack someone else's work! This is preciseldy what happens on this photograph: the lecturer replaced the copyright holder's name, Mason-Kay, an American company, by her name! Be assured that at Eurojade's, all photographs, quotes and other publications belonging to a third party have been approved by the latter. And we ensure that the opposite is true: we keep constant monitoring in order to protect our work and avoid looting.

The copyright holder's name (Mason-Kay) has been replaced by the name of the lecturer (which has been crossed out in red)!

All these eggs are jade simulants: dyed quartzite, serpentine, glass, etc. Beware, 95 % and even more of the yoni "jade" eggs market is made of fake jade!

Here are yoni eggs which are sold on the web. Can you find the jade eggs?



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It is not jade, it is glass!

This carving was sold as jadeite jade to an exhibitor at the March 2016 Gem & Mineral Show in Paris. Do you think it is jade?

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